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Nils Westergard
"Kaiya and Tilia Cordata"



Nils Westergard is a talented young Belgian-American street artist and filmmaker based in Richmond, Virginia. He started doing graffiti when he was 14, nowadays he creates stencils and freehand works in which he focuses on the nature of the authority, influences of his friendships, and unspoken communications.

Nils Westergard studio sketches to create murals

Friends are important in the works of Nils. In an interview with I Support Streetart the artist describes; "I’ve realized how important my friends are to my life, I love each and every one of them and wouldn’t be able to live without them. So I’ve been painting friends that are always around, friends I meet for short periods, and everything in between.”
He translates these people in large murals. Faces in different positions, mostly black and white, appear in the streets worldwide. Cities in The Netherlands, France, England, Czech Republic, Australia and the US gain one of these beautiful portraits.

Nils Westergard 'Dan (Janus)'. Richmond (Virginia, US), 2015. For the Richmond Mural Project with Art Whino

Lately, one of the features that we see more and more in his works arehis surrealist portraits. He became inspired by the work that his grandfather, who was an optical-illusion artist, made in the 1960s. By using this as inspiration, Nils succeeds (in a creative and very unique way) in giving expression to his view of the human being.
By incorporating different points of a face in one image he creates a spectacle that’s attracting its viewers. By moving away from the everyday image, you as a viewer are challenged to form the right image.

Besides creating portraits, Nils also makes artworks which interact with their environment. Two years ago during his bike ride from Amsterdam to Utrecht Nils found a large leaf of the linden tree (tilia cordata). He kept it and always knew he wanted to do something with it. When he came back to Amsterdam this last summer it suddenly made sense. He had spent so much time getting to know Amsterdam just from being in it, he wanted to share his experience as an explorer and created a citymap of Amsterdam.

Nils Westergard paste up of Linden tree leaf in Amsterdam (2015)

This stencil in itself is already very special, but what he eventually did on the streets is unique. Pastes of this leaf were made and placed around physical spots within the map. The exact location was marked with a red 'dot' in the work (in this case, the red dot is actually a red butterfly, the signature Nils uses in all of his work. This butterfly comes from a painting that he made when he was still in high school). The work itself showed its exact location, Nils plays with the given thought of streetart, but Nils also plays with his followers. One goes in search for his work in the street, and perhaps in areas where they otherwise will never come.
With great detail and precision in the idea and the execution, Nils was able to deliver an impressive work of art in the streets of Amsterdam.

Nils Westergard 'Alligator'. Bethesda (Maryland, US), 2015. For Art Whino

Nature as a source of inspiration is a nice given in the work of Nils. He expresses this inspiration in different ways. As paste-ups as the linden leaf, or as animal murals like this alligator with a yellow butterfly on its nose in Bethesda..
Besides being an artist, Nils is also a really good filmmaker. ‘Wallflower’ was Nils his graduation project in which his visual image coincides with the works he also makes on the streets.

Like in this movie ‘Wallflower’ Nils his murals also intergrate in the given environment. His murals are often large in size, have a painterly character and are usually black and white. By creating them this way, Nils manages to create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere in the artwork. The mural attracts attention, but at the same time it flawlessly fits whitin its surroundings.

Nils Westergard 'Within'. Richmond (Virginia, US), 2015. For the Richmond Mural Project

Nils gained a lot of good positive feedback to his work. This year, RVA Magazine did an interview with him, he was part of great events like Richmond Mural Project, Livin Streets Festival, Sand, Sea & Spray Blackpool's Urban Art Festival and Step In the Arena. His works were shown at the Art Whino Gallery and GraffitiStreet invided him for a group show. For this occasion he created this catchy wall in London.

Nils Westergard. London, Truman Brewery, 2015. For GraffitiStreet

Nils also likes to create stuff for charity. So he made his first "Kaiya" on canvas as a fundraiser for the O+ Festival. After that he decided to make this mural in San Francisco.

Nils Westergard 'Kaiya'. San Francisco, 2015

This vision of "Kaiya" with two facial expressions in one, eyes wide open and eyes shut, shows that Nils is able to express his inner feelings through an expressive and confusing picture. One must look from a distance at the picture in order to take this at a glance.
The work of ‘Kaiya’ is special, therefore Nils made a unique and limited edition for

Nils Westergard 'Kaiya'. For, 2015

This also applies to the work "Tilia cordata Amsterdam '. The work contains so many details and Nils has worked with great precision on it so as a viewer you have look close to focus on the artwork.

In Amsterdam several spots are enriched with Nils his Linden tree leaf, for Nils made a special edition of ten artworks. All signed and numbered.

Nils Westergard 'Tilia Cordata Amsterdam' for


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